Saturday, January 5, 2013

Region generator bug

To generate the world I have decided to use the Coherent Noise Library for Unity. To create the landmass I create an height map. This is done by using billow noise and combine it with a circle to force it to be an island. By giving the 'different heights' a different color it presents an decent map like image:

After creating the terrain texture I want to divide the land into different regions. These can later be used to determine where location should be placed. I imagine it might be useful to give regions some properties, like evilness or how forresty it is, and blend the different regions so there is nice transitions between the different regions. These properties can then be used to determine what kind of location should be placed in these regions.
By using Coherent Noise's voronoi generator I got a nice set of regions on the world map, but the filter to remove regions from the sea area's is still buggy.

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