Friday, January 25, 2013

Change of plans

I have decided to postpone my original January game to April for now. Mainly because it turned out I had less time left to spend on the game then I hoped and the random nature of the game made it hard to create a smaller version. So instead of delivering a half working prototype I moved that game to April which gives me more time to finish it to my satisfaction.

Space shooter

To not immediately fail the 1GAM challenge I started working on a smaller game for January. The January game is now a sort of space shooter where waves of enemies try to attack your mother ship and you have to defend it. For now I have the basic controls working and a very simple AI. This weekend I will hope to finish  the basics of the game which means adding the following.


  1. Add mother ship
  2. Let some enemies (bombers) go after the mothership and ignore the player
  3. Win and gameover conditions
  4. Waves of enemies

Nice to have:

  1. Smarter enemy Ai
  2. Allied ships
  3. Improved graphics
  4. Mothership, Ally and player ship upgrades
  5. Switch to allies ship on player death
  6. Point system
  7. Different levels

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